Rope Rescue Game Solutions

So rope rescue game is so much fun and when i’m bored first thing i think of is to rope rescue game. There is not to much ads so this is amazing, cause i hate ads it is just a waste of time. This is the perfect game for those trying to find something simple and time killing, the colors are fun and it’s almost hilarious. How easy kids catch on and complete ever level with ease.

Rope Rescue will keep you hooked for hours Or for about twenty-five minutes until you get to level thirty-five…( android) unless you’re a psychopath and enjoy watching little people die repeatedly, in such a case, you will be hooked for hours, or until you get bored of level thirty-five, which isn’t too hard to do. Also, why is one of the Tell us more questions asking me if the game is happy? Like I’m supposed to know how a game feels about itself.

Overall i like rope rescue it’s quick, fun and good for everyone. In every 2 level ads pushed into my screen about 20 to 30 second auto play video, not good for some player, so i turn of the data to get rid those ads. Bugs found in aome android version, but smooth in iOS.

Complete Rope rescue with this solutions

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